What is the Racing Format?

The Red Bull soap box race is a unique race that incorporates creativity, speed and showmanship into the race. Each team will be interviewed, then perform a short 30 second skit. From there 3 team members will push as hard as they can and the run begins. The fastest time IS NOT going to ensure a win, but a combination of the fastest time, the best creativity and the best showmanship is what will win the race.

All runs will be time trial format, so there will only be one vehicle on the course at a time. The course is one of the steepest courses on the Red Bull circuit and is 1/4 mile long. Red Bull took a test car to the site and ran a top speed of 41mph (a go Kart chassis)

There is also a peoples choice award, this is going to be done on a Text message service:

TEXT VOTING!! Please vote early and often, on October 25th text voting begins at 10am MST. You can text "Team 37" to 72855 to vote. Keep the texts rollin', the peoples choice award goes to the team with the most text messages!

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