The Build

Step 3: Body Fabrication

Body fabrication was a much anticipated part of our build. We knew we needed to make a mold, we knew that we needed to lay up fiberglass and we knew some basics of the process of each. What we didn't know was what exactly to do. This is part of the reason why we are doing this build. None of us really truly knows how to do this stuff but we all want to know, so what better way than to build a Ferrari...right? One day the ingenious plan of a rib structure, "Like those model dinosaurs" was announced. So we our best man on the job of 3d modeling the entire body. Jeremiah modeled the body ... MORE

Step 2: Chassis Fabrication

We figured that the chassis needed to happen first, but the body was probably going to be the most work. We were fortunate that the fine folks over at Display Devices allowed us access to some of their machinery after hours. This access meant that we had the ability to water jet cut some parts. This opened up doors! We started off running the water jet to cut out our steering column, this piece is intended to be the centerpiece of our build, a full Ferrari horse is prominently presented in the middle of the steering column and it looks amazing! From there t... MORE

Step 1: Brainstorm and Design Process

In June an email was sent out to our dream team. Who wants to enter flugtag? The response came back that each member was excited about it. With more and more discussion about the idea we decided that we should start with the Red Bull Soap box race however due to the proximity. So we started the brainstorm process. What should we build? What would work with a skit? What has been done already? One night of solid brainstorming with ideas ranging from Ambulances, fire trucks, Death Race 2000 cars to a 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder. The Ferris Bueller theme was decided and we b... MORE